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Analyze the connection between solder wire and flux spatter

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Update time : 2022-09-01 10:24:09
At present, most of the solder wires we see on the market are flux-cored, rosin-cored solder wires, and rosin is the most important raw material for making fluxes. The production of solder wires mainly requires tin, lead, copper, silver and other major non-ferrous metal raw materials In addition, the flux is synthesized, etc., so the role of the flux is extraordinary, and it is more troublesome to operate in the subsequent soldering process without the flux. What effect or connection does flux have on solder wire spatter? 
1. If there is too much flux in solder wire welding, the flux will dissolve first when it becomes hot, expand and contract with heat, and the flux swells. The tin in the outer layer has not been dissolved. When the tin dissolves, the flux inside will produce splash phenomenon (the so-called "rosin sprayer"), when encountering this phenomenon, we can appropriately reduce the content of the flux while ensuring the welding effect. can be solved.
2. The solder wire welding also depends on whether the customer is welding spot welding, manual welding or continuous welding, machine welding. If spot welding or manual welding is used, the flux can be appropriately lowered, and continuous welding (continuous welding, such as welding IC ), for automatic soldering machine welding, the rosin content should not be too low, otherwise it will affect the tinning performance. In order to achieve a better tinning effect during machine welding, the temperature of the soldering iron can be properly controlled. Using a constant temperature soldering iron will greatly improve the welding speed and effect. .
3. The splash phenomenon during solder wire welding has some relationship with the formula in the flux. The formula of the flux produced by different manufacturers is different. The solder wire manufacturer will select a flux that is suitable for solder and has good performance before production. , to ensure the stability of the quality of the solder wire produced.
4. In the manufacturing process of the solder wire, the flux in the solder wire is mixed with air or moisture. When burning the rosin, the temperature should be controlled for a longer time, so that the moisture of the rosin and the active agent can be fully volatilized to ensure the final product of the solder wire. Splashes without moisture.
5. When the tin content of the solder wire used by the customer is high, for example, when the tin content is 55% or more, it is recommended that the customer use a soldering iron with a lower wattage, such as 40w or 50w, rather than a soldering iron of 60w or more. , which can reduce the phenomenon of flux splash.
6. Use some chemical treatment methods to change the characteristics of rosin and enhance the viscosity (ie glue). This method may affect the performance of other aspects of the solder, and it is generally not recommended.
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