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Correct use of solder wire

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Update time : 2022-10-09 10:09:19
Correct use of solder wire can effectively improve the efficiency of soldering, so how to operate to meet its standards? We generally think that mastering the correct and skilled solder wire welding operation method is the first and most important step rate. Summarizing a large amount of information and years of experience of technical engineers in the solder industry, we have drawn some attention directions and welding standards for the correct use of solder wire:
1. Manual soldering of solder wire requires a suitable soldering iron tip. The temperature of the soldering iron tip should be adjusted before soldering. Different types of soldering wire require different temperatures of the soldering iron tip. The appropriate temperature is more conducive to the soldering wire. welding. The size of the soldering iron tip and the diameter of the solder wire should be perfectly combined, and the manual soldering of the solder operator can further improve the efficiency of the soldering.
2. Pay attention to the cleaning of the soldering iron tip when soldering the solder wire. During the soldering process, the soldering iron tip is in a high temperature state for a long time, and the surface of the soldering iron tip will be easily oxidized and formed when it comes into contact with the thermally decomposed substances such as flux. A layer of black impurities makes the tip of the soldering iron lose its heating effect, so the operator should pay attention to cleaning the tip of the soldering iron after soldering the solder wire for a period of time.
3. In the process of manual soldering of solder wire, various electronic parts or wires used often need to be cleaned on the surface before welding. The purpose of cleaning is to effectively remove the rust on the surface of the weldment, Oil, dust, etc., after cleaning, it will help the welding effect of the solder wire and its components. If you encounter components with special materials, use the corresponding solder wire, such as nickel-plated components, use nickel-plated solder wire. Better tinning; stainless steel components are made of stainless steel special solder wire, which is not only good for tinning, but also improves the efficiency of welding in operation.
4. The pre-soldering process should be carried out before the solder wire is welded. The pre-soldering process is to wet the welding part of the weldment, that is, wet the surface of the weldment with solder, and then rely on the diffusion of the metal to form a bonding layer to make the surface of the weldment tinned. The purpose of this is also to facilitate the tinning of the solder wire.
5. Pay attention to the safety of the surrounding environment when soldering the solder wire: after the solder wire is welded or when the electric soldering iron is not used, do not unplug the power supply immediately. Since the soldering iron has just been soldered, the temperature on the soldering iron of the solder wire is still very high. Touch the welding parts with your hands to avoid burns; when not welding with solder wires, place the electric soldering iron in a cool and dry place to facilitate the next solder wire welding; untrained operators are not allowed to use equipment for soldering wires .
6. The protection of solder wire production and welding should be done well. Solder wire welding usually needs to wear protective factory clothes, which can avoid various unexpected situations that occur when many solder wires are welded. Solder wire operators should wear masks to prevent the solder wire from splashing rosin and fried tin during welding. And smoke and other phenomena, play a certain protective role.
7. The welding workshop of solder wire should also have a good ventilation and purification system. The excessive inhalation of the fumes generated by the high temperature of the solder wire during welding will have a certain impact on human health. The welding environment of the solder wire must have an excellent ventilation system and an air purification system, or the welding of each solder wire. Each station should be equipped with a small smoking fan.
Finally, before welding the solder wire, the operator should be trained on the job. On the one hand, the welding technology must be skilled, and on the other hand, the safety awareness must be strong enough to operate the solder wire. To develop good operating habits, after the solder wire is welded, place the equipment in a good place, place it in an orderly manner, and cut off the power supply to avoid the occurrence of various unexpected situations. The correct use of solder wire is an orderly process, and the premise is that it must be done well in order to complete the efficient work of soldering.
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