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What kind of raw material is used for tin wire

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Update time : 2022-10-20 19:16:30
Lead-free solder wire is fully tested by SGS. In the dust-free and environmental protection special workshop, high-purity environmentally friendly tin ingots, unique flux formula, strict implementation of the ISO quality management system, and the introduction of German direct-reading spectrometers to control the quality, produce lead-free solder wires that meet RoHS standards.
In general, tin wires are made of Yunnan tin ore raw materials, with high purity and good gloss. Sn50Pb50 and above can be used for wave soldering or hand dip furnace. When Sn63/Pb37 solder wire is used in wave soldering, the temperature is controlled at 265°C or so, and the best temperature control for hand dip furnace is between 270-290°C; 50/50 solder wire is used for wave soldering at about 270°C, while for hand dip furnace, it is controlled at 280-300°C ℃; Tin wires below Sn50Pb50 are often used in hand dipping furnaces. For example, Sn30/Pb70 solder wires are controlled at about 300 ℃. When used in hand dipping furnaces, appropriate adjustments should be made according to the size of PCB or components. How to control the temperature of solder bars and tin furnaces with different compositions? However, it depends on whether it is used in wave soldering or hand dip furnace, and the actual temperature shall prevail. The temperature of the tin furnace instrument can only be used as a reference, because the error is often relatively large, and the temperature measured by inserting a thermometer into the furnace can only be used. It is the actual temperature; high temperature solder wire is generally used in hand dipping furnace, and the working temperature is generally controlled within the range of 400℃-530℃. If the temperature is too low, it will cause problems such as continuous tin and unbright solder joints.
In addition, when we choose the welding wire for submerged arc welding, the most important thing is to consider the content of manganese and silicon in the welding wire. Whether single-pass or multi-pass welding is used, the influence of the wire transitioning manganese and silicon to the deposited metal on the mechanical properties of the deposited metal should be considered. When submerged arc welding is used to weld low carbon steel, the welding wire grades selected are H08A, N08E, H08C, H15Mn, etc. Among them, H08A is the most common application. When the thickness of the weldment is larger or the mechanical properties are higher, the welding wire with higher Mn content, such as H10Mn2, can be used. When welding alloy structural steel or stainless steel, the chemical composition of the material and other requirements should be considered, and welding wires with similar compositions should be selected.
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