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Instructions for handling lead-free solder fluxes

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Update time : 2022-10-14 19:02:35
1. The specific gravity of the solder flux is generally 0.810~0.830 (20°C), and the specific gravity of the solder flux varies with the temperature. Each time the temperature increases by one degree, the specific gravity of the solder flux decreases by 0.001. The actual operation can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the temperature of the job site. Make sure the working conditions are consistent.
2. Usually it is necessary to set a higher specific gravity. The operations are as follows:
When the substrate is severely oxidized (this phenomenon cannot be objectively identified with the naked eye, and must be tested by the laboratory) 3 When the upper end of the part foot is severely oxidized; when the density of the substrate parts is high; when the direction of the substrate parts is not consistent with the direction of the solder; the soldering temperature of the multi-layer board is low When there is a cleaning process.
3. In daily operations, the proportion should be carefully checked every 24 hours of work. Add diluent immediately when the set standard is exceeded. Restores the set standard weight. On the contrary, if there is lower than the set standard, the solder flux stock solution should be added immediately to restore the original specific gravity standard. and keep records for future reference.
4. During the soldering operation, the wave soldering must have a stable wave crest surface, so that the solder joint can obtain a good matting effect> such as hand-diffusion soldering, the matting property is particularly good. After two peaks, the extinction will be greatly affected.
5. It can be suitable for high-speed or low-speed operation of soldering, but the operation speed must be determined after testing the tin liquid and substrate conditions. It is recommended that the operation speed should be maintained for 3-5 seconds. This is the best speed to exert the soldering conditions. If it exceeds 6 sand If the welding cannot be performed well, other substrates or operations may need to be adjusted.
6. The preheating equipment on the soldering machine should keep the solder surface of the substrate at 80-120° in order to exert the best effect.
7. It can be used for secondary operations with long feet. The first time soldering should be done with low specific gravity, so as to avoid damage to the substrate and parts due to secondary high temperature and cause oxidation of solder joints.
8. When using the foaming method, please check the air pressure of the air compressor regularly. It is best to have a water filter with two or more passes to prevent water vapor from entering the solder flux and affecting the structure and performance of the solder flux.
9. The foam particles should be as soft as possible during foaming. Pay attention to whether the size of the foam particles is uniform at all times. On the contrary, the foam tube must be blocked, air leakage or failure. In principle, the foam height should not exceed the surface of the substrate parts. high.
10. When the solder flux in the foaming tank is not in use, it should be covered immediately to prevent volatilization and water vapor pollution or put in a clean container. Do not allow the solder flux to foam before soldering on the substrate to reduce all kinds of pollution.
11. solder flux should be drained immediately after 50 hours of use and replaced with new fluid to prevent pollution, aging and decay, which will affect the operation effect and quality.
12. During the operation, the bare board and the feet of the parts should be prevented from being contaminated by sweat, hand wheat, grease or other materials ◎ Please keep it clean and do not contaminate it with your hands before the board is completely dry after welding.
13. If you have any questions when using lead-free solder flux, please contact us immediately.
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