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Is there any relationship between the short life of the LED display and the solder paste?

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Update time : 2022-11-23 19:37:47
The selection of solder paste in the LED industry can generally use lead-free LED solder paste and leaded LED solder paste. If lead-free solder paste is used, high, medium and low temperature solder paste is generally used. Lead-free solder paste If you want to solder cheaper or low-melting point components, use tin-bismuth low-temperature solder paste. If you want good soldering quality, use tin-bismuth-silver medium-temperature solder paste. If the soldered LED components can withstand high temperature Then use tin-silver-copper high-temperature solder paste, which has good soldering performance, does not drop parts, and has a long service life. In actual application, these types of solder paste have a certain influence on the welding of components and the life of products according to their own characteristics.
Leaded LED solder paste can be used for components that do not require environmental protection. Leaded solder paste for LEDs has good soldering wetting ability; stable viscosity and good moisture retention; bright and full solder joints; straightened lamp beads do not shift; no Tombstone; welding is firm and has few residues; it greatly improves the yield rate of the product and also ensures the service life of the product. As we mentioned in the title, the short life of the LED display has a certain relationship with the selection of solder paste. It is possible to choose unsuitable or low-cost and cheap solder paste. In addition, there is also the right solder paste, and which of the other components in the display is not made of good material, aging or improper operation in the production process. The service life of the whole finished product.
There are internal reasons and external reasons for the short life of the display screen that affects the LED industry. The life of the LED determines the life of the display. , water vapor penetration characteristics, anti-ultraviolet and other indicators performance evaluation is not enough, if it is applied to the display screen, it will lead to a large number of quality accidents and seriously affect the life of the LED display screen. In addition to the LED lamp bead light source, the LED display also uses many other supporting components, such as circuit boards, plastic casings, switching power supplies, connectors, casings, etc. Any quality problem with any component may cause The life of the screen is reduced. The production process of LED display, such as component storage and pretreatment process, furnace welding process, three-proof treatment process, waterproof sealing process, etc., is also a key factor in determining the life of the display screen. For most LED display manufacturers, the accumulation of experience is very important. A factory with many years of experience will be more effective in controlling the production process. . The influence of the working environment of the display is also an important factor affecting the life of the display. The selection of solder paste, one of the solder raw materials required for over-the-solder soldering of LED displays during the production process, cannot be ignored.
Aiming at the impact of product life in the LED industry, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of solder paste when selecting solder paste for production, whether the material, melting point, temperature, etc. of components match the melting point of solder paste, but also to understand the advantages and disadvantages of transparent solder paste composition Defects, as the saying goes, "Know yourself and know the enemy, and you can fight a hundred battles." This is the truth. Solder paste is an extremely important part of the SMT process. The price of solder paste is related to the composition, quality, lead-free or leaded, and solder paste. There is a close relationship between the management and so on. The main products of solder paste produced by Shuang Chilean solder paste manufacturers are lead-free solder paste (high temperature 305, 0307, ​​medium temperature solder paste, low temperature solder paste, lead-containing silver solder paste, QFN special solder paste , BGA special solder paste, stainless steel special solder paste, halogen-free solder paste, syringe solder paste, etc.).
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