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Knowledge of rosin solder wire

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Update time : 2022-11-23 19:35:30
Rosin solder wire, as its name implies, is solder wire containing rosin. The production of solder wire is roughly divided into two methods due to different production processes. One is solid solder wire, that is, solder wire without rosin, and the other is It is a solder wire injected with rosin core during the production process. Let us introduce the little knowledge about rosin solder wire in detail below:
Rosin solder wire is named after the rosin flux is poured into the middle of the wire during the production process of the solder wire. At present, the solder wire used by most processing companies is rosin core solder wire, and the specifications and models of rosin core solder wire are also There are many, roughly divided into lead-free rosin solder wire and lead rosin solder wire. Rosin is a kind of flux. Its function is to make solder flow easily, make contact firm, bright surface, improve the fluidity of liquid solder, and prevent Oxidation film appears on the metal to be welded. Rosin core solder wire does not require additional flux when used, and is used in a variety of working environments. During welding, the size of rosin can be adjusted according to machine welding and manual welding welding processes, which greatly improves production efficiency. Rosin core solder Wire is generally easier to weld than solid.
The surface of rosin solder wire looks smooth and uniform. The surface of rosin-free solder wire, that is, solid core solder wire, looks dull. It needs to be used together with flux when welding, and its welding production efficiency is far inferior to that of rosin solder wire. So how do we judge whether it is rosin solder wire or solid core solder wire? It is actually very simple: 1. Observe whether the section is solid core or hollow core. As long as there is a hollow core inside, the solder wire contains rosin. 2. Put it on the electric soldering iron, the solder wire that emits white smoke and has a special fragrance is the solder wire that contains rosin.
Rosin solder wire has good performance in the welding of electronic products, so it is widely used in the welding process, but some users have reported that the circuit board is very dirty and has residue after welding with rosin solder wire, and it must be cleaned after The main reasons for this phenomenon are: 1. The purity of rosin is not high; 2. The weather is humid or improper storage in the warehouse causes the PCB board to be damp, and the rosin residue remains on the board during soldering. In these cases, we only need to clean the board with board washing water after soldering, protect the PCB board from moisture, and negotiate with the supplier when ordering solder wire, and choose high-purity rosin or imported quality during production. Rosin to avoid processes such as board washing after welding, which can effectively reduce labor costs and greatly improve efficiency.
In addition, it is emphasized that rosin is an important and commonly used flux in solder synthesis. It is neutral and will not corrode circuit components and soldering iron tips. Rosin can make the tin drop stick to the circuit board quickly during soldering, and the rest can be left to wait for the tin drop to cool. The quality of the product welded by the rosin solder wire is very guaranteed, the solder joints are very full, and the rosin can be removed. The oxide on the metal surface assists the diffusion of tin. In terms of solder joints, it can connect parts, coordinate heat dissipation, and conduct electricity.
The rosin-type lead-free solder wire is made of high-purity tin raw material fusion and refined through a special process; the rosin core of the product is made of high-quality pure white transparent rosin combined with a self-developed organic acid active agent, which is boiled in a vacuum airtight container According to the activity of the rosin core, it can be divided into three types: R type (low activity), RMA type (medium activity) and RA type (high activity), which are widely used in precision electronic instruments, electronic products, home appliances, Soldering tin for automotive electronics, precision medical equipment and other products.
After blending the organic acid active agent, a special leaded rosin solder wire is developed, which is suitable for soldering of lighting, jewelry, metal products, power supply materials, USB materials, wire materials and other products. The product not only has fast soldering speed and splash less solder joints, bright solder joints, less smoke, and high insulation resistance; there are also special solder wires with good tin effects on nickel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials, as well as special tin wires for automatic soldering developed for different production processes. It can be applied to the soldering operation of the automatic soldering machine, which enhances the versatility of the solder wire, adds some convenience to the customer's production process, and is suitable for the rapid development of the modern electronic industry and the needs of the welding process.
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