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Learn about solder paste printers

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Update time : 2022-10-25 19:53:41
The lead-free solder paste printing machine has an advanced timing belt adjustment mechanism. Because the adjustment mechanism of the synchronous belt in the traditional printing press is unreasonable, because the synchronous belt is matched with the synchronous gear through the belt teeth, when the synchronization is achieved, it is very important to adjust the adjustment mechanism reasonably, and the traditional parallel adjustment mechanism , the adjustment point and the synchronous wheel are not in a straight line, it is very inconvenient to adjust, and the tension cannot meet the requirements, which will cause a gap in printing, in Rio Tinto, the adjustment point is designed at the center of the synchronous wheel , it will perform full linear adjustment. We all know that the operation of any machine has a certain process. In the use of solder paste printing machine, we need to operate the machine according to the relevant requirements, so as not to cause damage to the machine, the machine will be more durable, and the service life will be longer.
In our daily study and life, we often need to copy a lot of documents, we often see a lot of printing presses in copy shops, maybe we have personally used the printing presses.
So, do you really know the printing press? Do you know what the printing press has? What is its operation process? Here we will introduce the operation process of the solder paste printing machine to you, so that you can understand the solder paste printing process. machine for further understanding.
The solder paste printing machine is generally composed of plates, solder paste, embossing, circuit board transmission and other mechanisms. Its working principle is to first fix the circuit board to be printed on the printing positioning table, and then the left and right scrapers of the printing machine will leak the solder paste or red glue to the corresponding pad through the stencil. Table input to perform automatic placement. Here are the steps and how to use it
1. Turn on the switch, reset the machine to zero, and select the program;
2. Install the support frame: adjust the width of the track, move the baffle cylinder, turn on the transport switch, put the board in the center of the track, press the button to make the board reach the predetermined position, press the track clamping button, the platform top plate
3. Adjust the position of PCB MARK1 and MARK2 so that it corresponds to the "cross" on the computer interface, confirm whether the production data is correct, click OK;
4. Install the stencil and the scraper in sequence: press the production setting, open the adjustment window, click start production, and the adjustment window will pop up, select "clamping screen frame", "fixing screen frame" and "squeegee back", then put in the steel mesh and fix it , cancel the "screen frame clamping" and "screen frame fixing", and install the scraper;
5. Add solder paste on the steel plate, and the amount of solder paste added is based on 1/3 higher than the scraper and lower than 2/3 of the scraper;
6. After printing the first piece, visually check the solder paste at the printing point without deviation, continuous tin, less tin, missing printing, uneven thickness, etc. After the inspection, place the PCB on the conveyor track;
7. The first piece of printing is confirmed by the quality personnel, and the normal operation can be started after confirmation.
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