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The principle of reflow soldering and wave soldering of tin bars

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Update time : 2022-12-09 16:31:35
The difference between reflow soldering of tin bars and wave soldering is that reflow soldering is through SMT boards, while wave soldering is through plug-in boards. Reflow soldering is one of the three main processes in the SMT placement process. Reflow soldering is mainly used to solder PCB circuit boards that have already mounted components, and then cool the solder paste through reflow cooling to solidify the components and pads together.
Four new technologies for tin bar wave soldering furnace system
1. Vertical PCB surface spray
A. The nozzle is perpendicular to the PCB, which can make the sprayed flux more uniform on the PCB, and the penetration of the hole is stronger, which will improve the climbing ability of the solder
B. The automatic path optimization system can ensure the flux coating and improve the uniformity of flux coating
C. Advanced software system, which can be adjusted according to the transportation speed and PCB width
2. Wave soldering uses cast iron surface-plated ceramic furnace, which can improve the life of the furnace
A. The cast iron furnace with a wall thickness of 10mm is used, which greatly improves the ability of the tin furnace to resist deformation under heat
B. Cast iron contains a large amount of graphite, which almost does not moisten the solder, so it has little corrosive behavior on the furnace. In order to more effectively improve the corrosion resistance and surface smoothness of the furnace, the surface of the cast iron is Ceramic processing, more effectively improve the service life.
2. Adopt new runners, new nozzles and other devices to reduce the amount of oxidation, effectively reducing customer operating costs
3. Adopt new impeller and flow channel design to improve the wave stability of wave soldering
1. The structure of the spout, flow channel and impeller directly affects the smoothness of the wave peak
2. The peak temperature can be controlled within 0.5mm
3. Advantages of mixed preheating
a. Infrared preheating of wave soldering increases temperature quickly, and hot air preheating improves temperature uniformity
B. Using infrared and hot air mixed preheating can not only increase the temperature quickly but also increase the uniformity of temperature
C. Mixing preheating is especially suitable for water-soluble flux
4. Built-in partial selective spray device
A. The stepper motor moves in the X and Y directions through the synchronous belt, ball screw, linear guide, etc. to achieve local selective spraying of flux;
B. Selected nozzles can realize point spray, straight line spray and rectangular spray;
C. It adopts PC+ motion board control, fast response, high precision, programmable, and strong cleansing operability;
D. It is suitable for the situation where the spraying area accounts for less than 50% of the total area, saving more than 50% of the flux
5. Partial nitrogen filling device in the tin furnace area
A. The local nitrogen filling device in the wave soldering furnace area can use a small amount of nitrogen to obtain a high concentration of nitrogen around the component feet under the PCB and around the wave peak of the tin furnace spout;
B. Special stainless steel nano-microporous tubes are used, filled with nitrogen dispersion, uniform and high concentration;
C. 3-way flowmeter controls 3-way nitrogen pipes, the nitrogen consumption is about 12m³/H, and the oxygen concentration near the solder flowing through the nozzle is about 1000PPM
D. Improve welding quality and reduce solder oxidation; do not provide online detection of oxygen concentration;
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